Ektachrome 100D 135/36

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In 2012, Kodak unfortunately stopped producing all slide film. Thanks to the resurgence in film photography, the company has brought back an updated Ektachrome emulsion: Ektachrome 100D. With the release of E100D in motion picture format, these rolls can be sold at much more affordable prices than at regular stores (>EUR 20).

E100D is an extremely fine grain colour reversal film with vibrant colours. Expect more neutral colours than Fujifilm’s Provia and Velvia slide films, with excellent skin colour rendition. Reversal film is more contrasty than print film and has a more narrow dynamic range, so make sure you trust your camera’s meter or dust off your metering skills.

The classic label design is a nod to the old Ektachrome and Kodachrome canister designs.

Max. 10 rolls per order.

First photo by Daniel Nierga

Important notice about the film

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Weight 25 g

Approx. 36



Remjet layer



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