Frequently Asked Questions

With the goal of keeping film affordable, this webshop already has the lowest prices possible. Essentially, you are getting a big discount with every order, regardless of the size.

Analog Amsterdam is a webshop only. Picking up orders is not possible.

Orders are usually shipped during the weekend. Transit times for orders can be viewed here.

If you need to have your rolls before a certain date, please use the contact form to discuss available options.

Sometimes we temporarily run out of film. Don’t worry, we are actively working to restock it. We will ship your order once we receive new shipments of the film. This usually only means a 1-2 week delay in your order.

No. Unfortunately, the process of rolling medium format rolls is a lot more difficult than rolling 35mm film. With the lack of easy-to-use equipment, medium format film is currently not expected to be added to the store.

Analog Amsterdam receives fresh film from a Kodak redistributor almost every month. Motion picture film does not have an expiration date, but it is recommended to store the film cool and dry and to process it within two years of purchase. For non-Kodak films, please check the product page.

The Analog Amsterdam logo is based on the flag of Amsterdam, dubbed the most badass city flag in the world.

Orders are usually shipped once a week, during the weekend. A large number of orders might push your order to the following weekend. For more information, check this page.

All black-and-white stocks in this store can be processed at home or in labs, unless stated otherwise. Colour reversal films can be developed as E-6 at most labs. Vision3 films require special processing (ECN-2). Please check out this page for a list of labs around the world that can process ECN-2 films.

The goal of Analog Amsterdam is to keep film affordable. Motion picture film is relatively cheap, and small profit margins keep prices down. That is why Analog Amsterdam rolls are much cheaper than other vendors selling identical films, such as the Film Photography Project.

Analog Amsterdam is run besides a full-time workweek. In order to reduce time spent on both the processing of orders as well as fulfilling tax requirements, (temporary) order limits can be put in place, as the only alternative is to temporarily close the store.